2020 Vision and Focus


Scale4You scales founders/companies to the next level. The most beautiful thing in the world is when we see a person and his/her company growing and succeeding. Our background is like a Paulownia Royal Empress tree, beautiful and unusual, the benefits of hybrid Paulownia trees aren’t a bunch of marketing hype. The most incredible benefit of the hybrid Paulownia tree is environmental. The huge leaves filter pollutants and toxins out of the air at a rapid pace. One Royal Empress tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide a day and replace it our air with clean, pure oxygen. Just one tree has this capability. The Royal Empress tree is actually a most convenient truth and benefits all of us.

We believe in an ecosystem in our industry which is evolving fast, disruption might happen which is nice, but fast evolution is happening and we evolve within that market. Crisis, recession, bearish, bullish our markets are moving and shaking industries and that is rather nice to see, as long as we are able to plant seeds who can grow fast. 


  1. The way we work is changing

More flexibility is needed with, old infrastructure….BOOM we are engaged in ConXhub www.conxhub.com WHY? ConXHub converged all working habits from the office towards your mobile. You name it they have it….we calculated that around 50% of the market will move to Multiple Numbering …A painful process from awareness to belief…..growing 400% in 2019 and expecting to 10-fold 2020 with only the current pipeline. 


2. The way we think is changing

Our skill set is shifting, whereby regular work more and more will be automated. AIProfit www.aiprofit.io set that trend with Artificial Intelligence where we can reach 30-50% more efficiency to create unique content for articles and social media. The whole concept of AI is in this case saving time and FTE-costs in the growing need to engage and create good content. Content is King with a lovely lady who can answer and create unique content for you within minutes. 

3. The way we pay is changing


This is State of the ART patented technology to change the way we can serve 13 industries and the unbanked, why I often say fast evolving, instead of disrupting is we follow law and plug it on top of existing infrastructure of banks, which makes KYC, AML and no impact on processes seamless. 

This massive project supported globally by IBM offers us the opportunity to launch a NGO Exchange (proof of concept has been done with the algorithm over 10 NGO’s), Cross Border payments, a financial store of value and transaction platform. If this is going to disrupt the market we can’t predict, but more importantly we solve a key issue on the banking rail for any bank while mitigating fraud as well. Exciting times and quickly evolving. 

4. The way we are unsafe in the digital ecosystem is changing. 

The one who thinks Blockchain is save needs to read up. Cloud, internet, IoT, energy grids… Data breaches are real and happening every day and we can expect more… 2 partners who are changing the way we look and enable prevention and protection are Vibecyber www.vibecyber.com and Traxprint Www.traxprint.com

VIBE has the ability to replace PKI a more than 40 year old encryption technology still used. It also changes the way to protect IoT devices and authenticates everything. It’s an ingredient of a recipe which is embedded to secure devices, the cloud or virtually every connected solution.

With the increase of documents in the cloud authentication of documents are critical, Traxprint literally covers that convergence from paper files and protects printed and digital documents (ID, birth certificates, contracts, invoices, etc.)

What’s our risk of not succeeding…..there is NONE we have seen this before, we know the path of growth is good…except for timing. Yes time to market is right we think, but the technology platforms described are around 8 years ahead of the market. All founders have taken a lot of risk to get already so far and have what it takes to get to the next phase of growth. 

Our 2020 Vision and Focus is to successfully accelerate growth with a Unique Value Proposition for the NOW for everyone in our ecosystem, feel free to join the journey #scale4you open for business.  

Are you ready for 2020, WE ARE AND WAY BEYOND. 

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