Lockedin, think out of the BOX!

Big shout out to the entrepreneurs, who are not giving up and who are being creative.

I respect every move every person makes in these times.

  1. Do you need time to adjust….take it (not to long) but get used to the situation.
  2. Help and support eachother wherever you can
  3. Communicate, talk, talk, talk yes call friends, family to cheer them up as well as yourself.
  4. Don’t get obsessed about the daily news, it’s bad news anyway…talk about other stuff.
  5. Than think what can you do? Let’s make a statement and a question with it, what activates my mind:

we are all going to die anyway, so how do you want to be remembered and are you going to regret anything when you are 85years old, start now?

My Proof are my relationships, as also my faith in humanity, society and the future after this crisis.

  1. An Asian friend and relationship was able to donate Masks, so he did. Upfollowing he now arranged the distribution for Acumen laboratory corona testkits aproved and used by the Singapore government.
  2. Traxprint http://www.traxprint.com Came instantly with a quarantine protection app
  3. ConXhub http://www.conxhub.com came instantly with a remote support program for your telecomunications at home.
  4. Scale4you http://www.scale4you.com instantly set up extra sales channels and network
  5. Basic Capital Partners intantly set up their network for deliveries from Asia to Europe as well as capital investment programs in real estate and business
  6. Athalos http://www.athalos.com is setting up a Global Donation Service for worldwide use.

These are just a drop in the ocean right….if everyone does one act of kindness and moves forward we will be flowing upwards in business and economy, when we can. In the end it’s up to YOU and everyone to support eachother. YOU still have to get up and manage and get used to your new situation….get moving.

I have seen a couple of crisis now and how harsh it is to say, this too shall pass with all the empathy and support we can give to the lesse fortunate.

Wishing everyone health and prosperity.

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