Seeking to Acquire

Telecom Resellers, UK wide 

Our clients are an international team of seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals with extensive experience in Telecommunications, mergers and acquisitions, investments, and consolidations at an international scale. At this stage, our clients are looking to make multiple acquisitions of Telecom PBX Resellers throughout the whole of the UK (currently UK only).

Our clients are looking to acquire multiple Telecom resellers that have scope for further growth and development. Our client’s plan is to use their industry expertise in order to consolidate into one group and take the business to the next level.

While our clients are flexible on their terms and are willing to acquire majority shareholding, the Sellers will have the option to retain a minority stake and enjoy a longer-term staged exit.

The ideal targets should have the following attributes, however our clients are willing to consider targets outside these indicators:

  • Turnover between £500K and £5M
  • EBITDA min. 10%
  • Located anywhere in the UK
Primary Business ActivityTelecom Resellers
Turnover£500K – £5mln
LocationUK wide
Existing Staff RetentionPartly Retained

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