With all the messages to make your own country great again, there is a valuable point….support local businesses. I actually believe we need to support local businesses. These are the drivers of the economy and are always left behind. So don’t get me wrong, I embrace local businesses. Let’s say Think Global, Act Local has been a quote I truly believe in. 

That said I truly believe in Globalisation and I don’t have a choice either:

  • I was raised like that as a kid with a multidiversity as international friends, I never saw colour or gender as choice, just as a natural thing. 
  • I come from a small country, so travel, speaking other languages are important as well if you want to grow you need to go internationally
  • You learn, there is nothing more refreshing than learning from other cultures. Actually large corporations use this advantage till the max, check any BOARD, you will see a diversity of international people. 
  • I am not religious, political focused, mutual respect for anyone’s choice.
  • I studied in a class with over 30 nationalities, it’s a privilege to meet so many kind people from all over the world.
  • We work with a group of friends who cover all continents and have traveled my whole life.
  • I enjoy local drinks and cuisine:-)

Globalisation is a worldwide phenomenon and often misunderstood. 

Globalization is the extension of social relations across world-space, defining that world-space in terms of the historically variable ways that it has been practiced and socially understood through changing world-time. quote Paul James. 

In plain English, it’s the joy and benefit bridging cultures and mutual benefiting from each other’s strength. Everyone has its own agenda and path in life and if we have mutual respect the world is a wonderful place to live in. Digitalisation is growing the connection between people worldwide and it will be great we use tech for good and see the good in everyone. Maybe an idealistic view of the human world, but I am grateful for all the people and friends I have met Globally and I am looking forward to meeting and working with many more multicultural people in the future supporting local businesses as well. 

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