When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity. John F. Kennedy

Within Business and entrepeneurship you have to be able to embrace change and be massively optimistic. Things can change in the near future, but businesses thrive on a crisis by making the right choices and keep calm and get the business going. For example if you export now, enjoy the lower pound, if you import adjust not only pricing but also straight away add more value.

Think Global and act local

In that sense Great Britain has always done well, because of history owning 25% of the world, having English as a main business language. Great Britain is just a great place to start and than to look further!

This is often where we Boevink Group adds amazing value. We are used to work internationally, we have the network to open countries and make business thriving. This can be network for infrastructure, partners, suppliers, to grow and scale the business. In our philosophy we can easily adapt for Latin America to our Spanish speaking business experts and have local people in the Caucasus or Asia to set up operations to name two examples.

The Boevink Group added value to companies is accelerating cross-border sales and providing expertise in scaling up. Typical clients are companies that have already raised funding or are already generating significant revenues, and need to scale to the next level, increase their teams, develop the next version of their platform, win partnerships and clients, and to put business controls and governance in place.

We represent Asian, Canadian, US companies who want to have presence in Europe, as well as European, British clients who want to grow internationally.

Tap into our knowledge, we will be delighted to share our insights with you. please contact us at michael@boevinkgroup.com or call us at +442036034101