Boevink Group is a diversified company with several investments and activities. Current activities:

Working closely with the Board and founder Mark Trowbridge, Michael Boevink is responsible for strategy and taking RIPTec to the next stage in its evolution. Riphub is the most advanced, sophisticated and versatile, mobile dial application available anywhere.

V2PAY Group is a global technology company that develops innovative white label convergent mobile financial systems for
the payments, banking, telecommunications sectors and the wholesale remittance and card issuance industries.

V2PAY  has a 15 year progressive evolution  as a financial services solutions developer .The next stage is developing a range of Digital currencies, not subjected to manipulation or current free-fall as experienced by most of the mined Digital currencies

Michael Boevink is adding value as an experienced Telco and Tech operator by accelerating companies with cross border sales and expertise in scaling up companies.
We focus solely on “scale-up” companies, who have typically already raised funding or are already generating significant revenues, and need to scale to the next level, increase their teams, develop the next version of their platform, win partnerships and clients, internationalise, put controls and governance in place. We get these businesses and can add huge value. is a marketplace where awesome funded companies hire top talent!

We have scaled tech businesses and know how painful it is to find and hire great people. We have set out to tackle this problem in london and the UK

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