Create Life Time Value (under construction)

Boevink Group is launching a ‘life time value’ platform for charities and scale up companies….with a guaranteed return on investment and increase of users.

The biggest challenge these days with companies who want and need to scale up they do not know the current valuation and also not the marketing spend versus the increase of value of new users and existing users.

With a state of the art self learning analytics program we can now support Charities, Venture Capital and scale ups to analyse the complete progress in a 3 to 5 year period. The data analytics platform also guarantees the return on the marketing budget what makes it easier for an investor board to approve the requested spending.

The technology and method has been created by John van der Vlies and Roger Craver both authorities with a long time track record in the non-profit industry. The Data analytics are provided by DonorTrends

The Boevink Group grows companies with knowledge and network and now adds extra value by guaranteeing improvement on retention, maximising revenue and an increase on the life time value of a company’s current and future user base. This is backed up by scientific research, artificial intelligence with self learning platform and a team with experienced knowledge and proven cases.

We are most willing to set up a company scan as a ‘zero point’ measurement to kick off together. Boevink Group guarantees an improvement in life time value of the user base.

Well worth the risk let’s do it together!

Give us a call to discuss your potential on 00442036034101