Boevink Group represents high level funds and actively buys Hotels, real estate, diversity of companies and currently also sports brands and clubs.

Basically ranging 50mln plus deals for 3 Asian Funds Average portfolio 50-90bln, a Swiss Fund 1.5bln and US Fund 2bln.

The focus of Boevink Group is scaling companies in the financial service, telecom and tech, we have a track record and international network within this industry.

Part of this group is Boevink Group International Investments

Boevink Group International investments is a financial due diligence boutique that devotes itself entirely to providing financial transaction advice on acquisitions, disinvestments and management buy-outs and buy-ins. We are entirely independent and work with compact teams of professionals with vast deal -making experience. This means we are always able to quickly change gear, weight the right risks and detect the points for attention that really matter.

Since 1999, we have been working enthusiastically and successfully for investors, strategic buyers and venture capital companies and doing our own transactions. Together we have guided more than 3 billion euros in transactions.

What we do
We invest in profitable service companies with robust business models and seek majority participation’s. We develop the companies with a distinctive buy-&-build strategy and everything we do is aimed at growing and securing both company locations and jobs. Together with our network of Industry Partners, we support management teams with our industry experience at eye level.

Personal empathy and business passion are essential factors for in our investment decisions.